The requirements of any business are transparency! The authorities require that you present your financial accounts for any given year in a format that is readable, accurate and able to be understood by everyone, from investors, owners, partners and not least the governing bodies.

The task of accountants is to prepare this information so that it fulfils the requirements above. You could do this for yourself, the documents are plain and supported by copious notes and guidance, however it should be everyone’s duty to minimise their payment of tax and to this end, the interpretation of the rules and regulations in any given year become essential.

It should also be your duty to access these resources at a cost that is commensurate with the size of your business, here is the dilemma, having worked all year to achieve a modest profit, a large portion will be lost in fees of various sorts. KPB Monarch can help with this, their knowledge and experience gained over 38 years of filing returns, is available to all our clients, we do not give advice on offshore accounts or avoidance techniques, our assistance is clear and precise all returns to Companies House and HMRC are accurate and in the clients best interest. We are always mindful of ‘economies of scale’ in that accountancy services are provided in relation to the size and needs of the business.