The levy of tax at various rates has existed for hundreds of years; at times it was exclusively used to expand the Monarchs armoury, at other times it was siphoned overseas for the Monarchs pleasure. Today I am pleased to say we benefit largely from the collection of taxes, to understand this you need to travel in countries were rubbish lines the streets, travel after dark is dangerous for lack of lighting, information is sparse through little or no national library, your ability to access justice and to feel safe (a relative term) is denied. In short I support the collection of taxes from each person in accordance with their means, this is where it becomes contentious and far to complex for this site. Clearly and without fear of reprisal KPB Monarch will ensure that the tax you pay is fair and always in our clients best interest.

To ensure the accuracy of returns, information must be relevant and up to date, this requires a natural progression from bookkeeping, accountancy and finally Taxation. KPB Monarch clients are ensured this close progression exists as an unbroken link between all services.