The payment of individuals for their services, as wages or salary, entails ever increasing amounts of legislation. KPB Monarch runs Payroll systems from one to thirty employees at competitive rates, all statutory documents are filed and end of year returns are filed electronically. Many businesses tell us they do their own wages, I ask them to apply a simple test to the procedure; asses the time taken to prepare wages, apportion a rate to their time (unless they have time to spare!) and analyse the true value, should they be using that time to promote and expand the business, how many hairdressers want to be payroll clerks? KPB Monarch uses ‘economies of scale’ to determine needs, do not over burden your scarce time resources.

The Department of Work and Pensions has placed further time constraints on the filing of stakeholder pensions through your PAYE Scheme KPB Monarch will assist in retaining relevant records for the efficient discharge of all pension payments.