IR35, Inflexible End Users, and Myopic Recruitment agencies have initiated our response to further support and assist clients through the forthcoming disarray on April 6th 2021.

I have stated in many articles, our intention to assist individuals to remain both flexible and independent whilst pursuing an income stream which best suites their working patterns. With the blanket response from End Users and some Recruitment Agencies ignoring the individual assessment of contractors from evidence derived from a Statement of Determined Service (SDS) we have implemented with reluctance our very own “Gateway”.

I have expressed opinions on Umbrella Companies for over 13 years, but respect their ability to assist individuals to retain a flexible structure to their working week. An Umbrella is something you require in the presence of a deluge and darkening skies, therefore Monarch Gateway Ltd is your entrance (gateway) to flexible working patterns, which is acceptable to End Users and Recruitment Agencies allowing the client/contractor to record the invoice value of services, to be processed through Monarch Gateway Ltd for the correct application of Income tax and National insurance.

Those contractors requiring Monarch Gateway services can feel free to contact us and we will instigate a relationship with your end user to process your invoiced time sheet at gross value through Monarch Gateway Ltd, resulting in a net salary to you each week whilst all taxes and NIC are discharged for you.

One redeeming feature of the Gateway is it’s simplistic operation, releasing the client/contractor from the burden of paperwork. Within the Gateway you will have options to opt in or out of pensions, whilst also opting in our out of Holiday Pay provisions. A tailored solution to flexible working which would run alongside your Limited company allowing incomes to be sourced from each, when circumstances dictate.