Rewarding Jealousy

Sorry for being acerbically cynical but HMRC are “rewarding” the sin of “jealousy”, they have handed out £343,500.00 in rewards for information on tax dodging, via there Fraud Phone Line. So peering over the fence at my neighbours barbeque (the size of a space shuttle) my gaze would be drawn to his “18 plate Urban Tractor”; I am reliably informed he works at DHL in the despatch warehouse, should I phone HMRC and claim my reward? HMRC are willing to utilities any information they receive irrespective of its provenance between 8am till 8pm 7 days a week. How I wish I could contact HMRC within these generous times with my simple request for a Tax coding verification! For those interested in the stats, they received 40,000 calls last year, therefore each caller could look forward to an average of £8.59, perhaps it’s none of my business, and he has invited me round for a Barbeque!