The minister, when identifying key workers who’s children may continue to attend school due to their parents level of importance in society, couldn’t demean himself to say Lorry, or Truck Driver, but used the far more generic acceptable term (in polite society) of Distribution Driver confirming for the first time the level of importance that freight transport by road has in modern society. Listing the Police, NHS Workers and Distribution Drivers as professions essential to the lifeblood of the country, at last confirmed the status of moving freight by UK roads. With reference to my previous post of The Perfect Storm I should add that 2 million contract drivers where facing a 35% pay cut on the 6th April this year, no one could imagine the chaos this would have unleashed within the industry. Could they have presented the Police and NHS staff with a pay cut at this most critical time, I fear not. I am hopeful that the year ahead will bring resolution to the contracting status of freelance independent drivers who are able to fulfil peaks in transport requirements and whilst retaining their independence to offer services to a wide and varied Fee Paying, End User.