Unknown Benifits

After scouring the Direct. gov, Jobseekers and Department of Work and Pensions websites and several strange phone calls with people who assured me that they knew a colleague who would know all about this. I can conclude that a payment does exist for people, of any age to receive an allowance for 13 weeks, who are starting a small business using projected figures which indicate a low initial income. The criteria for the allowance is that you are claiming job seekers allowance at the time of application or that you have been registered unemployed for more than 13 weeks. Now at the outset you may conclude that any budding entrepreneur would have finance in place and a model business plan to execute; Wrong! most businesses are started from a position of frustration, having exhausted all possibilities of securing an income they decide to go it alone, with  little knowledge and even less support. It’s easier to remain within a comfort zone (job seekers allowance) than to brave self employment with an unknown income. Having trumpeted the benefits, let me say that the launch was on the 22nd February and I can’t find anyone able to tell me how it will be administered, however let us give praise where it is due and say that this is a good effort on behalf of all small start -ups.