Choose your shade of grey!


Grey White Middle-aged Men

Not so anymore, let there be light in the grey world of numbers and columns,  More girls choose accountancy as a career than ever before with the realisation that it presents a level playing-field and opportunities beyond expectations. More practices involving women in the role as  senior practice managers and oft times  catering for a specialist female client base.

So take some time when choosing the person to help in your financial affairs, look for interests above and beyond the numbers. I have a need to cover my clients varied and expansive interests, therefore I am active in many areas. I like to see my clients face to face regularly to record “enthusiasm” not easily quantifiable within a balance sheet. I find it infectious too, a project which seems “lack luster” and with no discernable revenue streams comes to life when listening to the client enthuse about potential. My role as devils advocate is squashed into insignificance within their onslaught of vision and passion. Confucius stated that you should listen a thousand times and speak only once, note to self extend my Yoga meditation sessions!

I hold four of the attributes above!

However those close to me know that at the extended age of 67, I fear most of all, being a burden to anyone. To this end I still compete in up to six endurance races each year, they remain so demanding that the training schedule, for each, fills the entire year. They also may be aware that as a child of the sixties my passions oscillate between motorcycles and guitars, that my family continues to grow exponentially! but most of all I am passionate about my job.

I have watched over the past ten years as HMRC has deteriorated beyond recognition, with no Tax Inspectors, only Team Leaders no dedicated long service support, just telephone personnel reading from a script. I have decided to do something about it for the benefit of all my clients, the pathway I chose was FTA then ATT but have been fast tracked to Study with the Charted Institute of Taxation. The result of which will enable me to speak with authority exceeding that of a Team Leader in a senior position at HMRC.

So Choose wisely your shade of grey.

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